Lipedema is a  chronic  medical  condition characterized by a symmetric buildup  of  adipose tissue (fat) in the legs and arms. A common but under-recognized disorder, Lipedema  may  cause pain, swelling, and easy bruising. In addition, it may be accompanied by an unusual texture within the fat that can feel like rice, peas, or walnuts beneath the skin’s surface.

Lipedema usually appears symmetrical in shape and size and affects the legs and, sometimes, the arms. The body above the hips, and the hands and feet, remain unaffected. This often results in shape disproportion – a narrow waist and larger hips and thighs.

The intensity of pain may range from none to severe, and its frequency may be constant, come and go, or only occur when the fat is pushed on. Diagnosis of Lipedema can be challenging because it is often misunderstood or mistaken for obesity or lymphoedema.

Sometimes, those conditions even appear together. That is why patients need to consult with experts and surgeons well-versed in lipedema.If Lipedema is left untreated, it could progressively diminish mobility, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Also, increase the chances of developing blood clots and lipo-lymphedema, which can lead to skin ulcers, infections, and a severely blocked lymphatic.Although the patient can manage lipedema, the treatments (no matter how aggressive) will not cure it.


Depending on the severity of the lipedema condition and how it impacts day-to-day life plays a significant role in what options are available to you for treatment.

In the earlier stages, diet and exercise modifications can be implemented to see how your body responds first.

Lymphatic massage can also ease the pressure of fluid-filled areas.

However, the most effective, primary treatment for lipedema is medically necessary liposuction. Liposuction for lipedema is more than having fat taken out of your body.

The purpose of this procedure is to decrease the congestion and inflammatory processes in the extremities so the patient can feel better, have less pain, and less fatigued.

Lipedema patients may need more than one liposuction treatment for the various body parts that have lipedema fat to be removed.

However, recommend liposuction in the areas with the highest level of severity first to take some of the pressure off the patient’s body and enhance the effectiveness of your lymphatic and vascular system.

Turan Turan expert surgeons will do their best to design patients’ treatment to limit the number of surgeries will need to feel better.