Patient Journey

We center our care around our patients, families, and communities. Our high-quality services extend from the health care we provide to ensuring the process is accessible and easy to understand. We’re here to help.

How It Works

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Application Process

Our patients can reach us 24/7 via our contracted offices abroad or directly through the contact channels (e-mail, whatsapp) on our website for the treatment services of our hospital. You can also send us a brief information about your contact information and the treatment you are looking for by filling out the contact form. A representative who speaks your language will contact you within 24 hours.
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Quick Medical Review and Evaluation

Our representative gets detailed information about your medical condition after contacting you. Your medical records that are related to your medical conditions are requested by the representative. When we receive your medical records, we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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Evaluation of Treatment Plan

Your representative will be sending you all of the informative documents, like the price of the treatment, the CV of the doctor, your stay in the hospital, your stay in a hotel for follow-up, and all of the details! Don’t worry, we guarantee you that Turan Turan has affordable prices along with the best technologies that are seeking your comfort and safety!
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Free Online Consultation with our Doctors

You can have a free online consultation with your doctor about the treatment plan proposed to you. Therefore, you can ask all of your medical questions and the details of your treatment. Your appointment will be concluded by your representative according to the appropriate time and date for you and your doctor. We can have an online consultation on your preferred channels (WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber, etc.).
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Preparing to Come to Turkey

Firstly, you need to check if you need a visa to come to Turkey. If yes, you need to apply to the Turkish Embassy or accredited visa offices in your country. We can easily provide you with an invitation letter after you send us your and your companion’s passport images. We will support you during your visa process by sending all of the documents you need from our side! You can easily find the documents that you need to state for your visa through the Turkish Embassy website of your country!
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Transportation From Airport To Turan Turan

We are kindly asking you to send your flight ticket so that we can arrange your appointment in the clinic along with the transfer to be arranged for your coming to the clinic from the airport! We provide this service without any fee for our patients’ comfort and safety. Your representative will send you details about the transfer, like how you will get out of the airport and find the driver.
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When You Arrive at the Clinic

You will be welcomed to Turan Turan by your representative. They will be supporting you through all of the steps of your journey. Firstly, you will meet with your doctor to talk about your medical history and examination in person. Then, according to the doctor’s request, you will have your examinations, which have to be done before surgery. The examinations take a maximum of 4 hours (blood tests, anesthesiology consultation, radiological images, etc.). After the doctor examines your recent radiological images, they will explain the details of the procedure. Then, we will plan your surgery time and date. Your representative will be giving you all of the information beforehand.
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After Surgery

Your doctor will visit you and give you all of the information about the surgery after you get to your room. You will be informed about the restrictions, etc. Afterwards, your physical rehabilitation support will be planned. All of the nurses will support you with the medications you need to take 24/7. You can also reach out to your doctor or your representative in case you have any questions. The next day of surgery, you will be walking with your personal physical therapist. They will be giving you all of the information you need about your recovery and rehabilitation period.
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After Discharge from the Hospital

We recommend you stay in Turkey according to the suggested period by your doctor. We can help you book a hotel room near the hospital. Our nurses will be checking on you at the necessary times for wound dressings, injections, etc., free of charge! After your stitches are removed, you can safely go back to your country. We will be giving you all of the medical documents in the language you spoke in Turan Turan.
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Going Back Home

10. We will arrange a VIP car transfer to go back to the airport. We will also be supporting you in arranging a wheelchair service for you at the airport if you need it.

You will still be in touch with your representative 7/24 whenever you need support. Your doctor will inform you about the period of doctor checks. You don’t need to come to Turkey again for recovery time. You will have free online consultations with your doctor during this period.