The right treatment plan begins with the correct diagnosis. After detailed clinical evaluation, our orthopedic experts rely on imaging tools to give the most accurate diagnosis of orthopedic injuries and conditions. Turan Turan health offers X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT scan), and ultrasound scans, as well as an O-arm system.

The O-arm system provides the StealthStation™ real-time 3D intraoperative images. So, our surgeons navigate patients’ anatomy with instant visual feedback of instrument localization.

The O-arm™ Imaging

The O-arm™ Imaging is a complete multidimensional intraoperative surgical imaging system that produces high-quality 3D images and multiplane 2D views. The StealthStation™ Navigation is an advanced navigation system that integrates up-to-date intra-procedural images and displays them on a screen to facilitate instrument navigation. The O-arm™ is designed to meet the workflow demands of the surgical environment. It can be used in various procedures, including spine, cranial, and orthopedics.

The combination of O-arm™ Imaging & StealthStation™ Navigation provides an easy-to-use and complete solution for instrumented spine surgery. It also offers a streamlined workflow to increase screw placement accuracy and safety.