Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is designed to restore function and independence. Our care is patient-focused and individualized to meet the needs and goals of each patient, enabling individuals to return to more active lifestyles quicker and, in most cases, without pain. The department provides outpatient physical therapy at two different locations, as well as inpatient therapy services.

Turan Turan Physical Therapy team is specialized in rehabilitation of postoperative orthopedic patients such as total joint replacement, foot/ankle surgery, spine surgery and repair of traumatic injuries. Neurological rehabilitation of stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, polyneuropathy etc. is another area of our expertise.

The goal of our inpatient rehabilitation team is to allow each patient to leave the hospital functioning at their highest level possible, as well as initiate the rehab process per each physician’s protocols. With their assistance, most of our patients are able to return home with a level of independence they did not know was achievable.