Joint Replacement

When non-surgical treatments are not effective, joint replacement surgery may reduce joint pain and restore range of motion.

Turan Turan Hospital total joint replacement surgeons focus on hip and knee replacement surgeries. However, replacements on damaged joints other than the hip and knee, like the shoulder and elbow, are also performed.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic hip pain, limping, and disability. Most hip pain is caused by one of three kinds of arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis.

Mainly, three types of hip replacement surgery are performed:

  • Total hip replacement (the most common) surgery involves removing the diseased portion of the hip joint. An artificial hip, known as a prosthesis, replaces it.
  • Partial hip replacement, also called hemiarthroplasty, involves replacing only one side of the hip joint, either the femoral head or acetabular socket.
  • Hip resurfacing is mostly done in young patients who are physically active.

Knee Replacement Surgery

The most common cause of chronic knee pain and disability is arthritis. Most knee pain is caused by one of three kinds of arthritis: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis. In these patients, knee replacement is one of the most successful orthopedic surgeries, resulting in increased walking ability and improved quality of life.

Knee arthroplasty can be performed either totally, where the entire joint is replaced, or partially, where only the damaged compartment of the joint is replaced. The orthopedic surgeons at Turan Turan Health Group have been performing robotic-assisted individualized kinematic knee replacement surgery with great clinical success.

Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

For decades, robotic technologies have been changing medical procedures and health care for the better. Now, advanced robotic technology has come to knee replacement surgery.

Robotic-assisted surgery is an advanced technology designed to help surgeons plan and perform knee replacement surgery with a greater level of precision than is possible with traditional methods, with no need for metal rods, CT scans, or pre-surgical MRIs.

Turan Turan Hospital uses the Smith+Nephew NAVIO robotic-assisted system, the only company offering handheld robotic-assisted technology for partial and total knee replacements. It believes this enhanced level of precision and accuracy can give you a better long-term outcome.

A unique plan

Your knee replacement surgery is as unique as you are because it’s the only one that combines your knee’s anatomy with the specific implant your surgeon chooses for you. As a result, your surgery requires an individualized surgical plan to help ensure your implant is positioned and aligned correctly for your anatomy.

With robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon uses the NAVIO Robotic Surgical System to create a customized 3D digital model of your knee. This three-dimensional view helps your surgeon finalize and verify the correct size implant for you and create a detailed surgical plan for how your replacement will be placed to optimize movement and function. As an added benefit, the 3D digital model eliminates the need to get a CT scan of your knee before surgery, which reduces your exposure to harmful radiation.

A natural fit

When it comes to knee replacement surgery, accuracy is important because if an implant is positioned incorrectly, it may not function as well as it should or last as long as possible. In addition to its added accuracy, when robotic-assisted surgical procedures are combined with the wide variety of Smith+Nephew implants available, your surgeon can choose the implant that best meets your needs, including options that allow you to keep more of your natural bone and ligaments, including the ACL.

That means your body can maintain more of its natural rhythm and steps. You may regain function faster and get discharged from the hospital sooner than with conventional techniques.

A wide selection

Knee replacement shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. With the NAVIO robotics-assisted surgical system, your surgeon can choose your implant from the broadest selection available.

Moving beyond the variety of options available, only Smith+Nephew knee implants can be made with a highly durable material called OXINIUM ◊ Oxidized Zirconium.

This unique, innovative material has been lab-tested to last significantly longer than conventional knee implant materials.